“Watch and Learn...an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”

The LSE Africa Summit is an annual gathering that showcases Africa’s contributions to the world and fosters debates on the challenges facing the continent. By gathering renowned scholars, corporations, and influential leaders, whilst centering the authentic voices of Africans at the London School of Economics, it seeks to create a platform that enables the power and potential of African nations to be transformed into action to boost investment, influence policy, and challenge narratives.

The research conference engages researchers, policy makers and practitioners in academic debates and practical workshops. It offers a unique opportunity to strengthen the link between academic research and policies that consider Africa’s within the global context. For African countries to move forward, debates need to go beyond conventions and normative orientations about their position in the world. By placing their stories, experiences and solutions at the forefront, Africans can become agents of their own change when dealing with the implications and opportunities of globalization. This conference presents academic research that helps to rethink Africa-China cooperation, Africa as a creditor to the world, politics of knowledge and social media as a space for agency and voice. These conversations are necessary for achieving the Africa Union’s ambitious vision by 2063: an Africa that is integrated, prosperous and at peace with itself. 

Check it out – www.lseafricasummit.org