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We seek outstanding candidates to be fellows for the Sierra Leone chapter of the Kopfadeyemi Fellowship, in partnership with WAA. We look for intelligent, well­-rounded individuals who possess strong problem solving skills, a history of leadership, a track record of success, and the passion to make an impact in public health for Sierra Leone.

Driving innovative technology and policy development in West Africa; the Kopfadeyemi Fellowship is a community of global health enthusiasts, students, clinical professionals, technologists, social entrepreneurs, creatives, policy makers and impact investors solving hard problems in Public Health across West Africa.

The King´s Sierra Leone partnership (KSLP) is a long-term capacity building partnership between King´s Health Partners in London and key partner institutions in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Working together the Kopfadeyemi Fellowship and KSLP aims to help strengthen Sierra Leone’s health system by improving training, clinical services and policy. Key partners include the College of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS), Connaught Government Hospital, and the Ministry of Health & Sanitation (MOHS).

This fellowship is targeted at young individuals (under 35) from the West Africa Diaspora with a strong background in achieving social impact, preferably in public health. The fellowship will benefit those who wish to enhance their policy-making and leadership skills in order to effect change. Anyone is welcome to apply, please be minded that we will bias towards this mentioned criterai.

Download this document to find out more. Deadline for applications is Thursday 23rd Nov, 6pm (BST). SORRY, WE ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS.

West African Agribusess is a commercial agribusiness company committed to positive social impact from all its business activities and its huge social impacts

The King’s Sierra Leone Chapter of the Kopfadeyemi Fellowship was founded under the belief that a future where the smartest minds are working on the most pressing challenges, is more exciting than one where they are not. Today the Kopfadeyemi community, in partnership with WAA is actively developing the ideas to make this possible, with the ultimate goal of strengthening health systems across the region. 

When your goal is to solve Africa’s greatest healthcare challenges, you need all the help you can get. The King’s Sierra Leone chapter strongly encourages applications from members of the Diaspora and others who might not be able to be a fellow, and may be able to contribute in other ways.

Please complete the application form below to apply to be a fellow, or get in touch – if you would like to get involved in other ways, or you have a disability and need help with our application process.

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